The heart behind the voice.

Jennifer’s life is lived in the simple moments – from quiet morning walks with her dog Copper, to cheering on her three kids in all their activities, to sharing her love of music with family and friends. Jennifer is a cornerstone in her community, known among friends, neighbors, and her church for her intentional kindness and nurturing spirit. She fully embodies the essence of humankindness both inside the recording booth and out, touching lives through genuine connection and heartfelt engagement.

“If there’s one thing I know about Jennifer Clark, it’s that she is a faithful and dedicated person. If she sets her mind to something, she will do it. If she says yes, she will bring her best. She’s unafraid to learn and grow, she’s trustworthy, and kind. Jen is the kind of person that makes the world a safer and more loving place.”

Melissa, friend of 20 years

“My mom loves her family, doesn’t like backseat drivers, and is the best picker-upper.”

Kathryn, daughter

“From childhood, Jennifer has been dependable, responsive, motivated and insightful. She’s a caring friend and advocate. Her good-natured humor, imagination, and song filled our home with beauty.”

Mary, mom

Quick Takes on Jennifer

Loyal and steady, Jennifer identifies as an Enneagram 6.

She's a to-do list enthusiast, finding joy in organizing and accomplishing tasks.

With visits to 14 countries, she has a passion for cultural exploration.

An outgoing introvert, she loves people while valuing her solitude.

Her first entrepreneurial venture? Selling rocks from her driveway at age 5.

A seasoned performer, she's been on stage since the age of 8.

Not just talented, but classically trained in both singing and violin.

Watch out - board games bring out her competitive side.

Elevate your next project with the sound of humankindness.

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